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Feingold Handbook- PDF

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This is your guide to using the  Feingold Diet — to show you how to have success as quickly and easily as possible.

It contains the best ideas and solutions that have been found by parents like yourself since the Association was formed in 1976.

Some of the topics covered in the Handbook are:

  • Using the Diet for different ages
  • Gaining your child’s cooperation
  • Meal suggestions
  • How to keep a Diet Diary
  • Better foods at bargain prices
  • How to substitute ingredients
  • Tips and time-savers
  • Holiday ideas
  • Working with your child’s teacher
  • How to handle parties, soccer games, etc.
  • Getting help from the relatives
  • Doctors, dentists & counselors – how to get their help
  • How to deal with a reaction
  • Other additives to consider
  • What about gluten and casein?